About us

CAP GC 2023 is hosted by 112CO2 and SUN2CHEM, two international projects with EPFL participation, funded through the EU’s Horizon 2020 initiative. Together with our partners in the 112CO2 consortium, we are developing a low-temperature methane decomposition technology, allowing the production of carbon oxides-free hydrogen from natural gas, biogas and synthetic methane. In SUN2CHEM, we are focusing on solutions for the efficient solar-driven reduction of CO2, generating energy-rich, high-value chemicals. Both projects are united by a vision for a sustainable future, in which climate protection and human development are no longer juxtaposed.


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The 112CO2 project proposes a socially acceptable, sustainable and easy-to-implement technology to rapidly decarbonise the energy sector at competitive prices. The aim of the project is to develop the science and technology for low temperature methane decomposition (also known as methane pyrolysis), which allows to produce carbon oxides-free (COx-free) hydrogen from natural gas, biogas and synthetic methane. This process mimics nature producing large coal deposits.


The SUN2CHEM project focuses on the technical development of semiconductor architectures capable of achieving the solar-driven reduction of CO2 to ethylene. Given the extreme challenge we are facing, the technical part of this project includes two related approaches with different engineering aspects — tandem photoelectrochemical device (PEC) and photocatalytic reactor (PC) — to reduce the risk and increase the chances of reaching the ambitious project targets.